Thursday, November 13, 2008

TGIF almost!!!

What a day! So glad tomorrow is Friday. Even though it was a short work week it seems like it was 2 weeks with no weekend! Been working on some new stuff for my website. I have to take some pics and get them listed! Stay tuned for that!

I'm counting the days until my darling baby girl (so she's almost 19 - she's still my baby girl!) comes home from college for Thanksgiving break - 11 days! Since she went to school, I am home iwth my hubby and boys. Even the dog is a boy, LOL!! I miss her like crazy and am really getting tired of getting kicked out of my living room so they can watch sports all the time!! I've been banishing myself to my room so I can watch my TV or read, but all that's done is convince me that I need to redecorate my bedroom.


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